Pacific Beverages Radler

A crisp beer mixed with refreshing natural lemon,

and just half a standard drink.

Take a Bow Franz Kugler

You can thank Bavarian publican Franz Kugler for gifting the Radler upon the beer drinking world.

Kugler first introduced lemon juice to beer way back in 1922, when a group of thirsty cyclists popped into his establishment after conquering the Alps.

The response was so positive, Kugler aptly donned his refreshing new creation, Radler – German for touring cyclists.


The Brew

Refreshing, delicious and only 2% ABV, Pacific Beverages Radler is the fresh way to enjoy a relaxing day. Whether it's a Saturday BBQ with friends, after a game of backyard cricket or kicking back on the deck after a long day at the beach, an ice-cold Pacific Beverages Radler is always the perfect choice.

A mix of
Crisp Lager & Natural Lemon Juice
2% ABV

Available at bottleshops nationally

A mix of
Crisp Lager & Natural Blood Orange Juice
2% ABV

Available exclusively at Liquorland & First Choice nationally

A match made in Heaven

Beer and lemon are a match made in beverage heaven. You only need to crack open an ice-cold Radler to find out for yourself. But throw some market fresh seafood into the mix and you've got a guaranteed recipe for success.

Think squeezing some fresh lemon over your fish & chips or salt & pepper squid. The natural acidity of the lemon in Radler acts as a refreshing palate cleanser when matched with crispy fried food.


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